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Ningbo Lighting & Electric Appliances Association
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With over 200 lighting manufacturers members, Ningbo Lighting and Electric Appliances Association (NBLEAA, website: is dedicated to promoting business of lighting in Ningbo region to international marketplace. NBLEAA works to build links between and among business and government, international organizations, and business partnership.



Ningbo Lighting industry facts:

1. The biggest city for lighting manufacturers in China


2. 2900 lighting companies


3. 2600 lighting factories


4. 320  middle size lighting factories

5. 900  LED lighting factories

6.200,000 employees

7.  Export  $2.5 billion lighting products  in 2007


About Ningbo:

Ningbo, located in the middle of China's coastline and the southeast flank of the Yangtze River Delta, is a beautiful port city with rich cultural heritage and abundant resource. It is the birthplace of the 'Hemudu Culture' dating back 7,000 years. Since the Tang & Song Dynasties(618-1279), Ningbo has always been an important foreign trading port in China. Today, Ningbo is a city with the same rights as a province in economic planning and management, a sub-provincial-level city further opening up to the rest of the world, and a "fairly large city" entitled to formulate local laws and regulations.
Under its jurisdiction are 3 counties, 3 county-level cities and 5 urban districts. It covers a total area of 9,365 square kilometer and has a population of 5.38 million, 1.22 million of whom live in the urban area. Also, Ningbo is honored as One of the 50 top cities in China, One of China's Excellent Tourism Cities, and is listed as one of the 40 best cities in China for its investment environment.

Location of LEAA of Ningbo  and USA office (red star)

USA Office

We recently created a NBLEAA branch in North American with AIBC international, this is a bridge of connecting American and Canadian customers and Ningbo Lighting manufacturers, you are welcome to visit our Ithaca, New York office.

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